Shipping Cows & Calves to Summer Pasture 2106

Shipping cows and calves to summer pasture.

Spring in Montana. Snow is melting, grass is growing, calves are getting big and cows are ready to head out to summer pasture.

It’s shipping day here at the ranch. We are moving cows and calves to summer pasture. Cows and calves have been here all winter being fed hay through the cold winter months. Our focus is to have healthy cows and calves as well as sustainable land that is not overgrazed. To accomplish this we move the cows and calves (referred to in ranch lingo as “pairs”) to another ranch in the middle of Montana for the summer.

Semi trucks and trailers line up to give the cattle a ride north to their summer ranch. Cattle are handled slow and easy. The cows remember what is happening and are happy to load up and head to greener pastures. This is also the beginning of the breeding season. Bulls are turned out with cows once they get to the summer ranch location.

Safety is our first priority. We are careful in handling the animals so they reach their destination in great shape. All animals are checked for health prior to leaving ranch and again once they arrive at summer pasture.



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