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Montana Silage Corn with Link Dorvall – Kussmaul Seed Company

Out in the corn field checking to see if crop is ready to chop for silage. We have a guest […]

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Pico de Gallo Salsa

How to make Pico de Gallo salsa.

Quick, easy, colorful pico de gallo salsa that the entire family will enjoy.

I started […]

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How to Make Fajita Marinade

Fajita Marinade for steaks, chops, chicken and more.

Quick, easy, whole ingredient recipe for steak fajita marinade.

We love fajitas here at […]

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Shipping Cows & Calves to Summer Pasture 2106

Shipping cows and calves to summer pasture.

Spring in Montana. Snow is melting, grass is growing, calves are getting big and […]

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October Snow Montana Style 2016

October snow Montana style.

Yes! In Montana an October snow¬†is par for the course. It doesn’t usually stick around but almost […]

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Christmas Magic Bar Marathon

A Christmas Magic Bar baking marathon at the ranch for holiday gifts, parties, friends and family.

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Freezer Cooking – Meatballs

Filling the ranch freezer with ready-to-eat meatballs for hungry husbands, ranch crew and kiddos.

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A River Runs through FAR

Fishing the Yellowstone in October at Felton Angus Ranch.

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Let ‘er Buck Montana Style

Behind the chutes at the Livingston Roundup with Felton Angus Ranch sponsored bareback rider, Cavan Wrzesinski.

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2014-Filming American Rancher in the Wind

Join us for a behind the scenes glimpse of filming the American Rancher. We’ve had WINTER here in Montana this year. A few strong gusts of wind doesn’t slow us down. It’s just another day in beautiful, blustery Big Sky country.

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A big hello from the banks of the Yellowstone River in Montana! My Montana Rancher  and I raise cattle, kids and crops here in big sky country. Welcome to our ranch!

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