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Talking with Jake Feddes of Superior Livestock about Smart Auction, Private Treaty Bulls, Feeder Heifers and Marketing Your Calves

Jake Feddes is back at Felton Angus Ranch to film bulls for the upcoming Superior Livestock SmartAuctions.

SmartAuctions is a new […]

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Interview with Jake Feddes, Superior Livestock

Spending the day with Jake Feddes, Superior Livestock while videoing bulls for the Felton Angus Ranch sale on February 13, […]

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Mixing Feed and Feeding Bulls at Felton Angus Ranch

Feeding bulls with Jim & crew at Felton Angus Ranch. Check out the bull ration in real time. See each […]

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Interview with Bob Wellner at Felton Angus Ranch

Visiting with Bob Wellner of Bobby Wellner Cattle Services at Felton Angus Ranch.

Bob clips and prepares bulls for cattle sales […]

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Montana Silage Corn with Link Dorvall – Kussmaul Seed Company

Out in the corn field checking to see if crop is ready to chop for silage. We have a guest […]

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Shipping Cows & Calves to Summer Pasture 2106

Shipping cows and calves to summer pasture.

Spring in Montana. Snow is melting, grass is growing, calves are getting big and […]

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2014-Filming American Rancher in the Wind

Join us for a behind the scenes glimpse of filming the American Rancher. We’ve had WINTER here in Montana this year. A few strong gusts of wind doesn’t slow us down. It’s just another day in beautiful, blustery Big Sky country.

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Moving the big boys into pens

Gorgeous fall day in Montana with one of those pesky Winter Storm warnings on the horizon

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2013 Felton Angus Ranch Sale


Sale day at the ranch dawned clear and cold. Snow from the day before melted off leaving behind beautiful, clear […]

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The Video Fort

Geting the bulls on video for the sale this year proved to be quite a challenge. The crew overcame frigid […]

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